Clean your home, clean your mind.

I am aware of the fact that I have been writing almost about everything that came to my mind and forgot a little bit, that this blog is supposed to be mainly about MINIMALISM. It means that now I will switch to a bit less thoughtful sentences and more practical advises on how to by satisfied with less.

My by big project lately was to get rid of the un-useful things I have at home. Does it happen to you as well that when you wake up and see all the mess around you, you get tired again immediately? Seriously, the piles of stuff everywhere make me super tired. More tired then I always am ( and I really do not know how come I could be even MORE tired). I decided that I do not want to live on a dump. And to be clear, our house is always very tidy, I just hate, hate, hate how many things we, as people in people in general, have. I thought that the things I buy should serve me, not the other way. 

Luckily for me, my colleague told me about Marie Kondo. I know she has been around in a media for a while now, but still good that I discovered her NOW than NEVER. Her, let’s say „ideology“ is that you keep just the things that “ spark joy“. I believe many of you will understand me when I say that I have many flowery dress I got as a gift and I will most probably never wear them but it feel kind of bad to give them away because it was a gift. So they are just burden and not joyful at all. I went through majority of my stuff and „checked“ whether it brings joy  or not. I am amazed by the outcome :). Now I have nicely organized drawers, closet and I am slowly cleaning up miscellaneous stuff  as promo gifts and so on. I am aware of the questions like “ But if I need it, does it spark joy?“and similar ones. The answer is YES, joy is not just about whether you like the thing or not. Do you like how this thing works? Yes? Keep it. Is it a good basic t-shirt to combine with your skirt and you like that outfit? Keep it. But no excuses. Be honest with yourself, in the end you do not do it for anyone else that you 🙂


My pinterest inspiration and goals:) via : pinterest.com


Unfortunately for me, fortunately for nature, I am very empathetic person and I overflow with compassion for this planet and others ( sometimes that much that it can be classified as madness :D), so the stuff I discarded did not go to the trash bin but is safely kept in our basement for now, waiting for the interested persons to pick it up. I am very happy that Charlie taught me to try to utilize every single thing and minimize the trash. It means that I have 3 group of things as outcome of my cleaning – 1) the ones that spark joy and I keep them, love them, are part of me and my style 2) thing I do not like very much because they kind of do not fit into my life but otherwise are fine, wherefore I thanked them for their service, took photos of them and placed them to vinted.cz as well as  invited my family for small „second hand“ session. Finally 3) the thing that should go right in a trash bin but since we have ratties, I decided to use the devastated clothes and fabrics as a material for cage decoration and homes.

My bedroom when I lived by myself.
Favorite spot – ratties corner 🙂
For the love of wood. We have almost everywhere just wood or bamboo 🙂

It takes time but trust me, in housing as well as in everything else, less is better. You are not distracted by chaos when trying to study, structure brings peace to your mind and once you organize it properly, cleaning takes less time since you just maintain the order instead of balancing chaos. And  of course  try to have less but of a good quality, since you want the thing you have to be part of you and your life :).

So to summarize it – Keep only what bring you joy, repurpose the discarded things, choose good things for your life. Less is more!

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